First Post

November 22, 2015

   Hi, I'm Mary DeTray, owner and designer here at The Agenda Shop! I'm a thirty something, mother of two and self-confessed planner addict.

   My size of choice? A6! Now I know using an a6 size binder is not the easiest choice, inserts and accessories are hard to find and only a handful of companies even make them, but darn it, they're just the PERFECT every-day-carry! I love the shape of the paper, short and wide, it gives you enough space away from the rings. The binders are small and compact (for the most part, don't tell my Mia Cara that or she may think something's wrong with her! LOL) there's always room for one in my bag.

   It was my love affair with A6 binders and the scarcity of inserts for them that bore the creation of this shop. After searching everywhere for inserts for my a6 Gillios and Mulberry Agenda I realized I was going to have to make my own. After I began making my own inserts and sharing photos of them with the community it wasn't long before there was talk of opening a shop. And so, here we are! I hope you are able to find everything for your A6 Gillio, Senior VDS or Mulberry Agenda that you've been searching for. All the items in my shop have been created to fit A6 binders, this is the only size inserts are currently available in. I will continue to design new layouts and accessories for the shop so check in often for new products or sign up for the VIP list to receive notice of new items, a juicy discount and more! If you don't see something you've been looking for please feel free to e-mail me, just click the envelope icon at the bottom of the page, and I'll get right on it!

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